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Over cabinets rope lighting for effect
Low voltage Task lighting luche fixture
Under Cabinet Lighting Photo
Kitchen Lighting Photo
Recessed kitchen high hats on vaulted ceiling
Kitchen Lighting over sink Photo
Recessed lighting in kitchen photo
Beautiful tile design behind range with lights
This is a beautiful kitchen that utilizes several different types of lighting to enhance
some great features. Notice the lighting under the cabinets which lights the counter
tops very well and also emphasizes the tile back splash. The cove light really gives
depth to the crown molding above the cabinets
Recessed lighting vaulted ceiling picture
Here you can see how the eyeball
high hats provide good general
lighting. On the right is the type
of eyeball we used. A Halo 5060
Gimbal with a 50 watt Halogen
Halo 5060high hat trim
Below are some more kitchens
we have installed all the electric
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Backsplash under cabinet lighting
Recessed light over sink 2- 4
Undercabinet lighting in kitchen
Backsplash lighting
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