What is a garbage disposal air switch? How does it work?
And where can I get one?
What is a garbage disposal air switch? There are two basic types
of garbage disposals. One is called a batch feed. This type of
disposal has a switch built into the drain stopper. By turning this
cover with a handle it activates a switch, turning the unit on. The
second type is a continuous feed. This type requires an electrical
switch. It is the switch for these units that can be installed as an air
An air switch is comprised of a plunger type button that is mounted
flush in the sink or countertop. When depressed the plunger pushes
air through a piece of plastic flexible tubing which turns on a switch
in a small unit mounted in the sink base. This unit then turns on the
garbage disposer.
The beauty of these air switches is the convenience of operating the
garbage dispoal without reaching over or around the sink. The
switch can be placed right on the sink or next to it. They come in
various finishes to match the area they are installed making them
very attractive as well. Below is garbage disposer air switch and
links to find them. This switch comes in Black, White, Chrome,
Polished Nickel and Satin Nickel
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