Electrical Fish Smell
 If you found this page by search, then you already know the smell or odor I am
referring to. If you wandered here wondering what in the world fish have to do with
electric, let me explain. Over the years I have gone on service calls where people
described to me an odor of fish or a smell like fish coming from a receptacle or
switch. I am not quite sure why it smells like that, perhaps the plastic and the
arcing combined, but for whatever reason it does.
 If you do smell this odor, do not hesitate to immediately turn the power off and call
an electrician. By the time this odor is present, the electrical device that is arcing
has serious damage.
Do not ignore this!
Loose connection on receptacle
 The picture on the left is of a receptacle that
had a loose screw on the top in the photo. I
received this trouble call on a Sunday night
and when they told me they smelled a fish
smell I said I have to come over now. After a
little while I tracked it down to this receptacle
you see in the photo which was starting to
The following is the kind letter I received from the customer:
Dear Mr Forte,
Words cant thank you enough for coming to us on a Sunday night. We
really feel you saved our lives as well as our home by fixing our
shorting/almost burning outlet. Its really a pleasure seeing a
professional in action. I really didn't think it was such a big deal until
you asked me if it smelled like fish. I thought about it and it did smell
like fish. (I never knew I was close to having the house burn down)
then when you told me you had to come over tonight to fix this i
thought you were coming to make it sound really bad. I had it wrong
you were right it was a dangerous thing that did require immediate
repair. I really was ready to go to sleep and if i did i might not of made
it through the night. Service like yours is so rare. You made my safety
your priority. I'm very impressed with your professional service. You
could have told me to shut the breaker off and ill be there when i can.
Mr Forte thank you again and again.
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